Shivdurg Mitra Lonavla was established on Vijayadashami in 1980 by VK Gaikwad (Founder) along with Late Gangadhar (Shashibhau) Vartak, Late Yashwant Tikone, Late Prakash Kajle, Suresh Kedari, Vasant Tikone, Vasant Kedari and others. The organization was working for the purpose of walking around the fort, wandering, studying the fort and cleaning the fort. She was also organizing tree planting and blood donation camps. Under the guidance of Shivshahir Babasaheb Purandare, Kai Goni Dandekar, Gad Kot Bhramanti started. Then we started conserving the fort. Since 2000, a daily wreath-laying scheme has been started for the equestrian statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Lonavla. The Shivdurg rescue team is always ready to help those who are stranded in the forest. The organization has worked to save more than 250 bodies and thousands of lives. While preserving the historical relics, Samarbhumi Umbarkhind was discovered and a grand monument was erected at Umbarkhind Camp to convey the place to the people. The inauguration ceremony of the monument was held in the presence of Shrimant Babasaheb Purandare and Chhatrapati Udayan Raje Bhosale. From 07/05/2009 to 12/05/2009 in Lonavala, the number one Mahanatya in Asia was successfully organized by Janata Raja. He worked for six days in a row to spread Shivcharitra to 10,000 people every day. Many artists from Lonavla and surrounding areas had participated in the Janata Raja Mahanata. That was about 170. What’s next for them? That was the question. By uniting them, Shivdurg Cultural Department was established. Initially, he was organizing the coronation ceremony, Powade. After that, Pravin Nandkumar Deshmukh, the director of Shivdurg, directed the play ‘Gauravgatha of Marathas’. And in many major cities, these plays have been successful. The play features 250 performers, a two-story theater, elephants, horses, camels. Grand 100 foot theater. The materials needed for this set, the draperies throne cannon shields sword spears are their own. 2010 Started a well-equipped gymnasium called Shivdurg Fitness Point. The gymnasium was inaugurated by Shivshahir Babasaheb Purandare, MLA Sanjay (Bala) Bhegade. Started training of power lifting, weight lifting along with regular exercise type. Ashok Mate Sir, President of the Association, represented India in the Asian Games and won a bronze medal. Also created several national players. All the teams are ready for this game, small group, women, big group. About 300 children are enrolled in it. Lee cycle expeditions are organized.

This is called a slack line. And this type of rope is tied to the end of two mountains on a deep valley and walking on it is called highline. This game is popular abroad. He turned to Lonavla. Rohit Vartak of Shivdurg got the honor of becoming the first highlighter in India. The Slackline Festival was held in Lonavla for three consecutive years in India. It was attended by many famous players from abroad. Shivdurg won the longest highline in India at 750 meters. Now the game is being regularly trained and practiced. Shivdurg built a small 16-foot indoor wall in 2010. And participated in several national competitions. Successfully crossed many difficult peaks in Natural Rock Climbing. A difficult 1800 foot climbing like Konkankada has also been completed twice. Permission was granted to use Priyadarshini Sankul Hall in collaboration with Lonavla Municipality. A 35-foot indoor wall has been built there. Artificial wall climbing is a sport included in the Olympics. In preparation for this, about twenty-five children are practicing every evening. Kabaddi on the mat is also practiced in the same hall. The Kabaddi team is showing great proficiency in many districts. 2017 Shivdurg Mitra Lonavla started free treatment on stray animals. This department is functioning under the leadership of Ku Vaishnavi Bhangare. Rescue Charitable Trust in Pune and Jagatguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj Goshala have joined hands to start this work. A small ambulance for small animals and a large ambulance for large animals are available at the organization. Many members undergo treatment. So far 1500 animals have received free medical treatment. These include dogs, cats, cows, bulls, buffaloes, wild animals, snakes, birds. The organization has started a separate helpline number for this. 75 22 946 946 Shivdurg Cycling Club was established to cultivate interest in nature and environment and to provide exercise to the children. Led by National Player Pranay Ambure.

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